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THE SALT OF THE EARTH von Wim Wenders, © Decia Film

THE SALT OF THE EARTH von Wim Wenders, © Decia Film

Erste Preise in Cannes

Kein Film, sondern zwei Filmautoren erhalten die Preise der „Jury der unabhängigen Kritiker“ in Cannes. Der „Prix Les Artisans“, wie er einige Zeit hieß, wurde in diesem Jahr in „Beatrice Santori Award“ umbenannt, um Beatrice Sartori zu gedenken (Madrid, November 17, 1956 – Alpheen aan den Rijn June 19, 2013), eine Kritikerin, die, wie es in der Begründung heißt, „lived in the world of culture that is lifeblood of cinema„.

Der Preis geht an den Franzosen Olivier Père. Die Begründung:

„For years we’ve loved Olivier Père as a cinephile and a festivaldirector. As boss of the „Quinzaine de Realisateurs“ and then as director of the filmfestival of Locarno he has proved to be a master of the selection and the brilliant programmation of very specific films, which are as aesthetically unique and radical, as they were intellectually challenging, and provoked the best qualities of their audience. Since two years as head of ARTE FRANCE Olivier Père is again stimulating our senses and our brains, and proves to be pillars of independent cinema auteur in Europe. And last not least: With his marvelous blog on the ARTE website Olivier Père shows, that in his deep heart he is still of us: a critic in the best sense of that word: an advocate of true art.“

Ein zweiter Preis ging an den Spanier Antonio Llorens Sanchis. Begründung:

„Antonio Llorens Sanchis is the world’s CINEMA, CINEMA that which is written with all capital letters. Militant critic, historian of Spanish cinema, director, writer, consultant Festival, and for years programmer of some of the finest European arthouse cinemas. Cannes veteran who attends with passion and serious preparation, it is known in the major Film Festival in the world, as Venice, San Sebastian, Berlin. His cinematic memory and valuable help even in the era of the internet. His sympathy and generosity make him a true friend to all who love him as the CINEMA.“

Ugo Brusaporco, founder of the award; Cannes – May 25, 2014


Die Jury der „International Federation of Film Critics“ zeichnete im Wettbewerb den Türken Nuri Bilge Ceylan aus für WINTER SLEEP. Für „a great filmmaker who had managed to surprise and delight us again with his in-depth soul-searching, put to us in great cinematic terms„.

In der Sektion „Un Certain Regard“ ging der Preis an den Argentinier Lisandro Alonso für JAUJA – laut Jury „he created an original imaginary world with a landscape of passion, dream, and inner truth„.

In der Quinzaine (Directors’ Fortnight) ging der Kritikerpreis an LOVE AT FIRST FIGHT vom Franzosen Thomas Cailley. „It is a wonderful first film: an original coming-of-age vision that captures the pulse of a generation, looking for fights to engage them.“

Den Preis der Ökumemnischen Jury bekam mal wieder, vielleicht auch in gutmenschlicher Absicht, ein Afrikaner: Abderrahmane Sissako’s TIMBUKTU. Empfehlungen gingen an Wim Wenders’ Doku THE SALT OF THE EARTH und den Spanier Jaime Rosales für BEAUTIFUL YOUTH.